Revolutionising shopping through digital

If you’re passionate about digital environments, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in you, you’re up for any challenge, and commitment is part of who you are, this is your chance! Ofertia could be your next career adventure

Working at Ofertia has its advantages

Flexible working hours

What’s important to you is also important to Ofertia. Balancing work with your personal life is possible! Choose your own schedule

Fresh organic fruit

Our ecological vision goes beyond our business model. Committed to sustainability, delicious organic fruit is always available at our office

Team Building Activities

A beach volleyball tournament or football games against other companies? We love having fun together. Are you game?

Project, training, and development

We firmly believe in ongoing innovation, and we want you to grow with us and get fully involved in the project. We offer training plans that will enable you to grow professionally and to take part in the decision-making process

Language courses

We are an international team where communication is key. We offer English & Spanish courses so that you don’t miss a single detail of the conversation

Tea, coffee and juice

At Ofertia, you’ll always have the drink of your choice at any time of the day for free!

Join us!

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